Story of Learning


1. I feel that I am doing good in math because I can do math problems and finish them with out difficulty, but not all of them. The math exemplars are hard sometimes , but not all the time. The showing and not telling I can do and explain why and how. did do showing and not telling in my writing, so I think I accomplished that. I reread the things I write to myself and it sometimes made sense, but if it didn't I would make it so it would. I can say I'm doing well in write for the goals. I wrote lots of stories in the year, so I made the writing goals all accomplished.

2. I feel like i'm doing good in reading with Mrs.Zak. I can read in chunks which is reading part by part and not like adn sentence in one second. I did all the goals with Mrs.Zak. I did the main story and talked about it. I discussed different point of views. I discussed the plot, character, and ideas in the book. I talked what the side ideas were. I completed the goals for reading I made.

3. Math is important for my learning. I can feel that I am doing well in math. I check if my answer makes sense or not for the problems I do. I recheck my answer in calculation in my head and I write it to make sure its right or not. I can do math boxes, because its review of what we did or what we did a long time ago. So for the math I accomplished the goals.

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